Are You Entitled To Social Security Disability By Law

There are a few things you should know if you want to apply for social security disability.The process can be long and confusing, but before you begin the paperwork, there are a few things about your situation you should consider. It may take some time, and you may require to present proof of your situation, but these are the guidelines you should know before you proceed with your application.

Work Status:

If you are not engaged in any type of work that gives you an income you might be able to apply for social security. If you earn some supplementary income from unsteady jobs you might be able to qualify for Social Security Disability if you earn less than $1,070 per month.


This aspect might be a bit more difficult to measure. The government takes into account whether your disability is actually “severe” and if you really need the help or not. It considers how long your situation will last, if you are able to cope with new working conditions, and if your personal condition will affect work-related activities.

Type of Disability:

There is a list by the Social Security Administration that outlines some disabilities which, if you possess, automatically qualifies you for Social Security Disability. If your disability is not in the list, but they determine that your disability is as equally problematic as one of the disabilities in their list, then they can officially register you as a “disabled person”.

Capacity to Work:

Should the Social Security Administration decide that your condition is not as severe as the ones in their database, their next course of action is to determine if you can return to the last occupation you were performing. They will require an official check-up with a physician to determine if it is safe for you to return to your previous occupation considering your current physical state. Should they find that your disability poses a problem going back to your previous field of work, they will try to determine if you can perform another type of job. This part of the process can be very time consuming as the SSA will take into account your work experience, set of skills, educational background, age, and other factors that will affect your chance of success in another line of work. They have to weigh the disabilities against your personal assets and see if you will succeed or fail in that line of work. If it is determined that your education and experience makes you qualified for different work, they cannot consider you disabled.

There are other factors that can be taken into consideration or highlighted if you really believe that you should qualify for Social Security Disability. Hiring an appropriate lawyer may get you the help you need to qualify. Getting the appropriate legal help for your workers disability/injury claim makes things so much easier to process, especially if you are racing for time. The system can get very complicated and having someone versed in law is a huge advantage for helping you process your claim.

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