What Does A Business Litigation Attorney Do?

Business litigation attorneys are law specialists that represent companies being charged of some form of delinquency. When employees, consumers, other businesses, or entities have a court case against the company, a business litigation attorney is necessary to defend your business. They also provide many other services to their clients such as:

Acquisitions and Dispositions:
Representing clients in the acquisition and disposition of their business assets, partnership interests, corporate stock and membership, are some of the things that business litigation attorneys are best at. From the drafting and review of important agreements and documentation, providing due-diligence, closing the transaction, creating letters of intent, and giving advice on the acquisition structure, a business litigation lawyer can make these processes easier for you so you can focus on running your business smoothly.

Business Contracts:
Preparing shareholder and partnership agreements, corporate agreements requested by clients, non-competition agreements, employee agreements, and sales and service agreements are some of the business contracts people hire lawyers for. There are many types of contracts and paperwork to create to protect your company and conduct business. Your lawyer will ensure that everything is legally-binding and in order.

Provide Legal Business Advice:
If you are just starting up your company, the choice of your corporate structure matters, especially with taxes. Whether you are better off forming a limited liability company, a single proprietorship, or filing as an S corporation or a C corporation, your entire business will be affected by it.

Prepare You For Emergency Situations:
Do you have a plan if your business partner dies? If your co-owner wants to quit, do you know the legal procedure for that? If a customer gets injured in your place of business, what will you do to mitigate the situation? These are just some things a business lawyer can help you with. When you find yourself in a legal bind your business litigation lawyer can guide you in the steps you’ll need to take to help you out of a bad situation.

Help You Handle Public Relations Situations:
In a case where you are being publicly sued or your company is in the midst of a huge controversy, a good business litigation attorney can give you advice on how to handle your image as a business. Your lawyer may give you on some advice on what to say, when to say it, and when to stop answering questions and keep quiet. Brand image is everything and they’ll help you maintain your company’s image.

A business litigation attorney has many services to offer your company as it grows and prospers. Many companies keep attorneys on retainer as they constantly seek their advice and services for business contracts, litigation cases, and general advice for transactions. With their help you can have peace of mind as you run your company and allow them to navigate through the laws for you. Their understanding of the nature of business and the legal formalities associated with them will help you in expanding your business to its true potential.

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